Obinna responds to women flooding his DM's

The father of four said he had no plans of ever marrying anyone again

Oga Obinna
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna is on high demand and he's not afraid to flaunt it.

Sharing screenshots of a couple of DM's he had received from women Obinna went on to muse over how shocked he was of the women giving him marriage proposals.

One of the screenshots read, "I dreamt you asked me to marry you. I am married but... I think I have watched too many of your videos last nights."


Posting the screenshots on his main page Obinna started by laughing off the advances.

He then went on to write, "Wueh hapo kwa marriage ndio kidogo tricky!!! Mimi sioni nikioa mtu (I do not see myself ever marrying someone) " 

Obinna added that the character development classes that he'd been hit with had completely made him give up on that chapter.


"I have learned the hard way!" Added the Kiss FM presenter.

Obinna was however quick to send love to his admirers after thwarting their hopes.

"Hata mimi nawapenda shanaaa (I also really love you guys a lot) However!!!" Finished off the father of four reminding his fans that marriage was an off-topic for him.

Obinna around 3 months ago had a nasty altercation with one of his baby mama's.

The presenter was called out by his baby mama for being a hard human to co-parent with. She further said that Obinna was using online trolls to bully her.

“No matter what happened between us stop subjecting me to online bullies. My kids will never hate me no matter how hard you try. We are not the first ones to go our separate ways. When you leave people you leave them with their behavior,” his baby mama ranted.

Obinna asked his baby's mother to take the issue to court as he is not about to address it in public.

"I had said that I am not gonna respond due to the wellness of the kids.

I wake up today and saw very many messages from people who don't even know me insulting me. I have talked to a couple of my friends who matter to me and I said I will never address a baby mama issue in the public," he said.

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