Singer Kambua Kambua

TV host and  gospel singer Kambua has written a message of hope for all women who are praying for God to bless their wombs.

Kambua flaunted her third pregnancy saying the photo reminded her of when she lost her second child.

According to Kambua, seeing her baby die without anything to save his life broke her heart.

"A little over a year ago I held my precious baby boy in my arms as his little body grew cold. 

I was engulfed in a thick, thick darkness. I got to know heartbreak like I never knew possible. But God,"she wrote.

Kambua added that God has since been lifting her.

She also spoke about her past years when her doctors said she would never sire children and the backlash that came with it.

"God sat with me in my darkness. And slowly he began to lift me. He reminded me also that years ago I received a doctor’s report that said I could never have children. 

He reminded me that as the world mocked me, He was busy working for my good and His glory. Right now a woman somewhere has just learned that her body is not “competent” enough to carry children."

Kambua encouraged those waiting to be blessed with children to wait upon God as He will restore them.

"Or that her baby won’t survive her pregnancy. A woman has just had a miscarriage… maybe for the fifth time. 

A woman somewhere has just birthed a perfect, sleeping baby. 

Oh I know the pain. I know it. But I also know that God heals- he gives the strength and courage to move forward.

 And He restores. Mungu anatutarajia mema. May He heal, carry, and restore you.