Kanye West
Image: File Photo

Kanye West's Twitter account has been deactivated.

CEO Elon Musk has told netizens that his most recent tweets have landed him a block on the social media app.

In one, Kanye shared a unflattering photo of Musk that displeased the app owner.

Kanye tweeted a swastika and it remained live for hours before Twitter finally took it down. But at that point Kanye's account was still active. Then Kanye tweeted an embarrassing photo of the new Twitter owner. Then Kanye was suspended.

Musk informed the world "I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended."


"Just clarifying that his account is being suspended for incitement to violence, not an unflattering pic of me being hosed by Ari. Frankly, I found those pics to be helpful motivation to lose weight!"

On Thursday December 1, Kanye's last comments were taking aim at his Kim, saying erotic content destroyed his family.

Sorry we cant attach the tweets because the account is suspended. Kanye had a following of close to 32 million fans.

Kim and Kanye's divorce settlement was made public Thursday December 1 and in documents seen online, the billionaire will be paying 200,000k for child support.

On November 29th that Kanye and Kim, along with their respective legal  teams reached an official settlement on the custody of their four children and the division of properties.