DJ Slahver proposes to Nicah the Queen

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen is officially off the market after being proposed to by her lover DJ Slahver.

Nicah shared the good news via her socials with a revelation that it was a big Yes for the proposal.

“I SAID YES! @slahverdon you and the babies got me on this one! I’m speechless! Thank you, Lord Jesus! #Jesusgurl,” Nicha the Queen shared.

The engagement comes days after the two celebrated two years of being together as a couple.

The two love birds penned sweet messages dedicated to each other - reminiscing the beautiful memories they have created together in the past two years.

DJ Slahver proposes to Nicah the Queen

“Forever grateful having you by my side ❤ ♥ 💓 @nicahthequeen As I celebrate my birthday today, I celebrate 🍾 you more cos today marks 2yrs and 3 months since you gave me a room in your heart. Happy Anniversary day to us ❤❤🥰,” DJ Slahver wrote. 

At the same time, Slahver was celebrating life upon turning a year older and he panned a beautiful nite to himself and his sweetheart. 

 “I Count my life by smiles, not tears. I also Count my age by friends, not years. This past year has been the most challenging one and also the most fruitful for me. I thank almighty God for making this day a special one to me since it's not just my birthday but also marks 2yrs,3months in my relationship with @nicahthequeen a reason to celebrate and be grateful 🙏 Happy Birthday and Anniversary to me 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁,” DJ Slahver shared. 

DJ Slahver is not a new name in the Kenyan music industry. He manages the following musicians; Nameless, Darassa, Wahu, and Nicah the Queen. He is also a manager at Ziiki Media.

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