Krg highlights why he didn't fly to Qatar for the World Cup

The rapper had posted a video mocking comedians who'd been flown to Qatar to advertise a betting company

has addressed why he didn't fly to Qatar
KRG the Don has addressed why he didn't fly to Qatar
Image: Instagram

Shortly after landing in the country content creator 2mbili went out looking for dance hall musician Krg the Don to try and set the record straight.

Krg 2 days ago released a video mocking 2mbili, YY and Butita as he referred to them as an embarrassment to the industry.

In the now-viral video, the dance hall artist started by saying, "Yaani till now I am trying to imagine how everyone in our entire comedy industry, all the people we used to have faith in.


People who got jobs on Netflix, some are doing stand-up comedy that they can be taken like chickens in a sisal bag and be taken to Qatar like confused birds."

Once 2mbili tracked down Krg he shot a video with the artist where he started by asking Krg if he was bold enough to say the things he said in his viral video to his face,

In the video, 2mbili could be heard saying, "Mzee bughaa tumekupata sasa, ongea chenye ulikuwa unasema, (Bughaa now that we have met go ahead and say all those things you were saying in your videos)"


To which an unfazed Krg responded that he was dealing with money and that the young man should chill till he was done.

comedian tumbili
comedian tumbili
Image: Kiss FM Studio

Krg went on to attack the content creator backing up the words he'd said two days ago.

He asked 2Mbili why they went to a different country just to lead a worse life than they do in their own country.

Trying to defend himself 2Mbili told Krg that they had had a good life at Qatar for the 2 days that he was there it is just that they did not show it.


Krg was however not having it.


Turning to the content creator he said, "Wewe kwanza niliona ulikuwa unaishi huko kwa mlima just hustling going all uphill...

hiyo ni uwongo.... kwa nini hukuonyesha na vile wewe unapenda camera? Hakuna."

On why he himself had not flown to Qatar to watch the world cup Krg defended himself by noting that he was a busy businessman with multiple things to manage.

"Mimi sina haja ya kwenda kuona mpira kwa sababu mimi ni bughaa I have a lot of businesses in the country.

I can not leave my businesses unattended then go to watch ball in a crowded place, it is super noisy and where if you blink you miss something and you can't get a replay if you wanted to," started off the father of 4.

Krg went on to add, "Mimi kama bughaa I just chill in my house enjoy my 85 inch screen, watch the matches however I want. Not just running around being sent to be a walking billboard.... that is what money is all about."

He insisted that it was lowly for our people to have agreed to be such "sell outs."

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