Elsa shows off her boyfriend
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If Kenyans thought they were enraged by Elsa Majimbo then they're about to blow up with fury.

The 21-year-old days after introducing her white boyfriend to the world has vowed never to start a family, leave alone settle with an African man.

Looking forward to seeing how this ages. I mean she is currently vacationing in Kenya after promising never to return to the motherland.

Majimbo hopped onto TikTok sharing a video where she vowed she would marry outside her culture and Africa.

“Not only am I going to marry outside my culture, but I’m also going to marry outside my continent." The content creator announced.

She then went on to add it was not because she was a colourist or internalized black hate but because she wanted her kids to enjoy privilege, something that isn't tied with being black.

 "My kids deserve another passport!" Announced the 21-year-old. 

She went on to add, "the trials and tribulations of having a weak passport build character. 

I’ve had to explain to my agencies, my manager- everyone, that I actually need visas to go to places and they tell me ‘oh, you can grab it like a week before, you can grab it at the airport’ The privilege is showing"

She revealed that she doesn't wish to return to Nairobi, Kenya
Content creator Elsa Majimbo She revealed that she doesn't wish to return to Nairobi, Kenya
Image: Instagram

Well, I truly feel her on that note because our passport is beyond weak ad black people more often than not are harassed at airports but that doesn't mean you hate your roots for other people's ignorance and biased nature.

Elsa finished off by highlighting that it truly hurts her as a black person especially outside the motherland recounting all the opportunities she has missed over this.

It'd be funny if she married white and her kids took her genes though... you don't fight something. Look at Khloe Kardashian's baby True, her dad's black genes are showing like crazy.

"The money and opportunities I’ve missed, it hurts inside, it hurts so much. At the end of the day, it’s not my country’s fault and I cannot blame them and I do love having my passport, it’s the world that is the problem" Elsa said.

 She captioned the TikTok video, "It all boils down to race” 

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