Burna Boy kicks fan in the face during his Lagos concert

In a now viral video Burna is seen using his leg to kick back a fan into the crowd after they tried climbing on stage

kicked a fan off stage in his Lagos concert
Burna boy kicked a fan off stage in his Lagos concert
Image: Instagram

Things got a little crazy in Lagos during the New Year's celebration.

Nigerian sing, songwriter and performer, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, had his country people displeased following his 2023 Lagos Concert. 

The African giant had announced he'd kickstart the new year with a homecoming performance in Lagos and fans were more than excited to see him. However his show had a lot of distasteful moments.

Burna is currently trending after a video of him kicking a overzealous fan in the face at his Lagos New Year concert started making rounds online.

I know how crazy that sounds. 

Well, the music star was performing one of his songs, Kilometer, when he spotted the overzealous fan trying to mount the stage, Without pausing his music, Burna walked back and used his leg to kick back the fan into the crowd.

In the now viral video, the fan could be seen falling off in pain after the unexpected kick from Burna Boy.


To make things worse the artist had arrived at the show close to 7 hours after it was slated to start.

Told you it was a crazy event.

To finish it all Burna had the decency to chastise his fans.

First off according to multiple reports the event, which was slated to start by 6 p.m. Nigerian time on January 1, 2022, did not see the African Giant climb on stage until 3:30 a.m. Nigerian time on January 2, 2022.

Second, according to several reports by people who attended the African Giant's show, no apology of any sorts was issued by the singer.

In his eyes, Nigerians are the ones who do him wrong.

Contrary to expectations, he instead went on to highlight that he didn't even really fancy being there and he would have left the event and gone home if not for street-hop act Seyi Vibez. 

Not stopping there, he went ahead to list some of the ways Nigerians had offended him including claiming that he killed someone at a popular Lagos club and spreading rumours that his mother danced for Fela, among other things.

Burna then added that despite it all, he loves his fans but warned them that God would punish them if they did not love him also.

"No wahala I still love you na why I dey here, so if you like no love me, na God go punish you.” Burna could be heard saying.

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