King Kaka responds to pastor who termed his new music 'demonic'

The artist just released a 17 track gospel album

Image: Instagram

If you've not been roped in festivities too much to forget to use your gadgets then you know Kenyan rapper King Kaka just dropped a 17-track gospel album.

And although it is being well received by most a few have found a bone of contention with some of the tracks in the album.

The much-anticipated gospel album dubbed '2nd Life' commemorates the period when the superstar was hospitalized for months.



During that period he was forced to take a break from music production after his health deteriorated following a misdiagnosis. After recovery Kaka highlighted that the illness brought him close to God. 

Well, one of the songs in the album dubbed 'Umenibariki'  featuring Goodluck Gozbert which currently has over 225 thousand views on YouTube has received criticism from one Pastor who goes by the name of Benson K Official.

“I’m not here to attack but I spotted a sign from Gozbert in the 12th and 13th second and them talking about being number 6 in the 36th second,” the pastor highlighted in his argument on why the song isn't really a gospel.

The pastor was referring to a common sign that is associated with devil worship.

Concerning the number, he was suggesting the artist used the number 666 in the song which is said in the Bible to be an anti-christ number.

Catching wind of the comment the father of two decided to take it lightly and just regard it as banter from someone clutching at straws.

Responding to the claims launched by the pastor he wrote," hii dunia iko na mambo!  (This world is full of wild things!) Anyway, keep streaming on YouTube."

 In the song, King Kaka narrates how he has experienced the faithfulness of God in his life. .

Overall his new album expresses gratitude to God for his full recovery and all the blessings God has bestowed upon him.

The title of the album was motivated by the fact that God has given him a second chance in life as doctors had at the time of his diagnosis predicted that only had 30 days to live.

Twelve out of the seventeen track album are collaborations with top music personalities within and beyond Kenya.

Some of the artists who have been featured on the album include; Alpha Mwana Mtule, Femi One, Jadi, Alyn Sano, Kivumbi, Wanavokali, Watendawili, Kanambo Dede, Iyanii, Anastacia Muema, Solomon Mkubwa, Phyllis Mbuthia, Walter Chilambo, and Zamunda among others.

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