TV anchor Najma Ismail

Media personality Najma Ismail is a traumatized mum after her boys underwent a botched circumcision at a hospital in Eastleigh.

The media personality says the boys are traumatized 4 weeks after that procedure. Through Twitter she penned;

"It has been the worst 4 weeks following botched circumcision done on my two sons by...We will be reporting to @KmpdcOfficial we have just finished the second corrective surgery. May God heal my boys. Ameen."

One of  Najma's fans identified as Abu Reyaan revealed he also lost his son in the stated hospital adding,

"Pole sana kindly do that guy who owns that hospital does what he thinks is right I lost my son through that hospital where they rubbished my claims arrogantly and charged me a lot of money those are not good guys."

To which Najma responded;

"Thank you, very unfortunate my boys are traumatized."

Another fan responded;

"I show my support, same happened to my 85-year-old dad 7 years ago. He had laser eye correction, to his two eyes on the same and in the end, lost sight in both eyes and is currently blind. What is wrong with Kenyan Institutions? If Drs are Dishonest...Allah safe us."

Below are some more comments from Kenyans who reacted to her post;

@Karuru9: Pole. May they recover fully. And thanks for speaking up. Are qualification shortcuts finally catching up with us. Once could be a slip of the scalpel. Twice, for a procedure that has been dominated by people who have never been to school, is too much.

@dutchesofMasaku: Am sorry for your experience but to be honest it's even safer doing it in a government dispensary. Quick recovery to your lovely boys get them all the help they need.

@IffyIb: May Allah grant your family justice in this world and the hereafter. Please don’t let this go, imagine the reward you all will get for saving future victims from such fate. We don’t hold each other accountable enough in Africa which is destroying us as a whole.

@Ekaterina__SKY: Najma, thank you for speaking out .of late some doctors have become careless because of greed.Their eye is on the money not the patient very sad indeed. For sharing this you are a super mum