South Sudanese rapper promises to gift cartoon comedian a Range Rover

The artist revealed he has a huge crush on the comedian and her craft

South Sudanese rapper Meni Meni in a recent interview with Mseto East Africa just revealed his undying love for Kenyan content creator/musician Cartoon Comedian.

The rapper went on to narrate his admiration for the 22-year-old fast-rising comedian with a revelation that he is willing to gift her his car.

Mapenzi matamu wueh!

The conversation came about when the lad was asked if he had a crush on any East African artist.

"There is this comedian called Cartoon Comedian, in fact, I would even give her my car...." said Meni as he went ahead to show off the Toyota Prado that he was talking about.

Quite taken aback by the revelation, the presenter went on to ask, if the artist was serious to which he confirmed he wasn't playing.

Cartoon Comedian
Image: Instagram

However, the presenter still was not sure if the artist was being serious or not. Pushing forward he went on to ask if Meni had a romantic type of crush on the young artist or if it was just admiration for the work that she is doing.

 "Do you mean you have a crush or do you just like what she does?" The interviewer asked quite astonished.

"In fact, I would even give her my car if she wanted me to. I have a huge crush on her. That is the truth.

I would love to take her to South Sudan if she'd just say yes... I also love what she does. I like her art and what she does."

On what it is he that draws him to her the artist said:

"She is a very beautiful woman, I like the whole of her and truly feel she is a whole vibe..." Meni replied candidly.

When asked how many cars he owns the artist went on to brag that he was well endowed with wealth. 

"I have a lot of cars.... I have a lot of them, even a Range Rover just chilling in the compound. Cars to me ain't a problem, you know I feel like the purchases are a way of appreciating myself," Meni revealed.

He finished off by encouraging men to learn to go all out when pursuing women and to learn to gift their women as a sign of appreciation.

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