Jeffrey Dahmer actor slammed over his Golden Globe win

Evan didn't pay tribute to any of the victims nor their families during his acceptance speech

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Evan Peters is not about to catch a break anytime soon.

Shortly after his win at the Golden Globe Awards one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims family came out to slam him over his acceptance speech.

Evan won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series for his work playing Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix miniseries "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"

The series had already faced a lot of backlash before its release with lots of people voicing that it shouldn't have aired as it made victims family members relieve the horror of losing loved ones.

Shirley Hughes, the mother of one of Dahmer's victim,( one 31-year-old Tony Hughes) felt that the least that Evan should have done is use his acceptance speech to mention the families who are still suffering from Dahmer's crimes, or to say Hollywood should put an end to telling stories about killers and glorifying them.

"There's a lot of sick people around the world and people winning acting roles from playing killers keeps the obsession going and this makes sick people thrive on the fame."

"It's a shame that people can take our tragedy and make money. The victims never saw a cent. We go through these emotions every day." Shirley said.

Tony, who was a Black, deaf aspiring model, was Dahmer's 12th victim; his murder was dramatized in the sixth episode of the series "Monster," entitled "Silenced."

Evan's did not pay tribute to any of the victims during his acceptance speech. However, he told the audience he hoped something good would come from his win, and the series.

"I want to thank everyone who watched this show. It was a difficult one to make, a difficult one to watch. But I sincerely hope some good came out of it." Evan said.

Shirley's scoffed saying nothing good will come from Evan's award for the Netflix series. Highlighting that all the show did was just add to the grief of the families of the people Dahmer killed, by replaying the tragedy over and over.

Evan also mentioned how hard it was to portray the serial killer in the  series but Shirley's questioned why he took the role in the first place.

She says he shouldn't have played the role out of respect for the families still living with heartbreak from losing loved ones.

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