'Kuna Kuna' hitmaker credits viral dancing chief for making his song a success

One of the artists highlighted that the viral dancer gave them 2 million views

Chief John Ogilo Migun, during a past Interview

"Kuna Kuna" hitmaker Vic West has thanked the viral dancing Chief John Ogilo Migun for helping his song blow up on the internet. 

Mr. West gave the Miondoko chief his flowers for helping market his song.

Vic West said, "When his video went viral, we added two million views on YouTube. Like we went from 8 million to 10 million views. He is the one who made us cross over."

The hit song features other Kenyan artists such as Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina, and Thee Exit Band and has become very popular with several choreography moves being made for it on TikTok.

Miondoko Chief, whose real name is John Ogilo Migun, excited netizens after his dance moves went viral over the December holidays.

The video of the middle-aged man happily dancing vigorously to the popular hit song 'Kuna Kuna' while being perfectly in sync with the song's dance moves had netizens going crazy.

Speaking about the video, John Ogilo said the video wasn't a planned thing. Adding that he was actually on undercover business in the club.

VIral dancing Kisumu Chief John
Image: Instagram

"Hiyo video haikuwa imepangwa kabisa ilikuwa ghafla." John said in a previous interview.

The Kisumu based chief added, "Tulikuwa tumemaliza patrol sasa jioni tukaenda kukula late lunch ndio tukainiga mahali tulikuwa tunafanya kidogo undercover kuangalia mambo ya drug abuse kidogo .

Sasa ndio hio ghafla muziki ikatokea na mimi naifahamu hio muziki naipenda sasa wakati nilikuwa naidanci jamaa akachukuwa video na sikutarajia itrend hivi."

"The video was totally random I had not planned for it. We had finished doing our patrol and in the evening, we went to have late lunch then we entered there where we were conducting some undercover investigations on drug abuse."

Migun says that he has broken the ice with residents and the youth who "feared him" and now have much freer interactions. 

Migun says that his war on combating drug abuse in the area has been made easier now that he easily gains access to information on the joints where the substances are sold.

The Kenyan club banger that was released just 3 months ago currently has over 10.8 million views and over 68 thousand likes on YouTube and it's the number one top music video in the country.

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