B Classic makes huge promise to Shakila as he declares interest in her

B Classic made it clear he was read to be in a serious relationship with the young socialite

B Classic
Image: Courtesy B Classic

Singer B Classic has taken to Instagram to let it be known that he fancies socialite Shakila.

The artist made his feelings known while responding to a post-Shakila had made indicating that she finally wanted to give a real relationship a shot.

"So out of all my goddamn followers, no one wants to enter into a serious relationship with me?" Captioned Shakila as she added several crying emojis to her post.

She finished off her laments by asking if single life was forever her portion, "Was I meant to be in the streets for life?" The last of Shakila's posts read.

Well, it seems a "saviour" undisturbed by Shakila's past was lurking in the midst.

"Shakila! Shakila! I have seen you want to leave the streets, see the thing is I am also in the market and I can take you in and I give you a good life" Started the musician.

He proceed to, however, let it be known that his taking her in had conditions.

"But are you willing to change? I'll cater for everything…. As long as I see you becoming a church girl. 

It does not matter how long it will take. If you're ready I'll be more than glad. MY DM is totally open." The rest of his post read.

The socialite hasn't yet responded to the open invitation from the musician or commented on any other requests she has gotten from other suitors.

It seems the new year is giving Shakila a lot of pressure to the extent that she is desiring to settle down. Or is it the valentine's crazy rush that has everyone acting like a maniac?

This is because as of mid-December, last year the socialite had posted a stunning photo of herself in full face beat where she congratulated herself in a mocking manner for her consistency in not being tied down.

Shakila then went on to apologetically crown herself the queen of the streets.

"Started the year single and ending it single.... consistency is key. Queen of the streets." Shakila's post read.

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