Presenter Ali and Andrew Kibe
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YouTuber Presenter Ali has fired a tough warning at Podcaster Andrew Kibe after he attacked him

Ali has threatened to bring down Kibe together with his YouTube channel if he continues to attack him and his wife.

In private messages between the two, Ali expressed displeasure at the manner in which Kibe has been bashing him together with his wife.

A Fed up Ali said;

“Bro naona umenianza

"Hapo umegusa sipo kabisaa lenga tu kama unapenda job yako na channel yako, lenga kabisa,” read a message from Ali to Kibe.

Kibe replied; Get out of your feelings and never ever try to threaten me again,”.

However, Presenter Ali hit back waning Kibe to totally refrain from mentioning his name or else his channel will suffer.

Kibe Vs Presenter Ali

“I’m not threatening you I’m telling you Mzee. Adding; Okay nitaje mara mbili Tena if you are a man enough,”.

Just the other Kibe unleashed his criticism on several Kenyan YouTubers saying they dropped the ball after getting into relationships.

Some of the YouTubers Kibe touched on include Nicholas Kioko, Presenter Ali, and Commentator.

“All these guys who were interviewers, the like of Nicholas Kioko, Presenter Ali, and Commentator;

“As soon as they got some fame women checked into their lives. These guys were hustlers, they hustled, and immediately they started making money, women came into their lives. We have not been hearing about them. Now they are focusing on their women and all their content is about their women. Ooh, I bought my girlfriend a car, who cares? Kibe said. 

This is not the first time the US Podcaster is launching attacks on Kenyan YouTubers and other Kenyan celebrities.

Reactions from Fans

masterclassic_ I've been waiting for someone to say this

faynjeri I'm a lady na sitawatetea,niue😂😂😂kife is telling the truth😂😂😂😂😂

ellis_kenya03 Very true hawa wasee siku hizi content hakuna kila siku ni pranks sijui na nini bure sana keep your woman away from us

icon_mwangi They should learn something from JEFF KURIA, CHURCHILL rtc, keep your private life private. Focus on your craft.

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