Netizens hilariously react to Alinur claiming Trio Mio scored A- in KCSE

Netizens have been eagerly waiting for Trio Mio's KCSE results making the young rapper trend on KOT

Trio Mio and Alinur

Kenyans on Twitter are having a field day after aspiring politician Alinur Mohamed shared Trio Mio's alleged KCSE results online.

Alinur took to his official Twitter account to share the news that Trio Mio's results had streamed in and the young Kenyan rapper had performed incredibly well.

The aspiring politician shared a photo of Trio and captioned it, "Congratulations to Kenyan rapper Trio Mio for getting an A- of 83 points in the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination. 

Those that wished you fail in your KCSE exams will be ashamed forever."

Netizens, however, were not having it.

Below are some of the comments from Twitter users:

Calvoh Wuod : A- with 83 points?

Nyash: 83 ni A

@KopiyoFelix:  ewe ndo hauko smart. Umewahi ona A minus ya 83 points?

@_Rich254Replying to @AlinurMohamed_83 and A- in the same sentence? uko sawa kweli

Phefumula (SOBNS):Replying to @AlinurMohamed_Where is the evidence, ama ni story za jaba.

@EwotonRuebenReplying to @AlinurMohamed_Buda Hii Propaganda Yako Imeganda Proper. A- ilifika 83 lini


Replying to @AlinurMohamed_Nilisema eeeh maina sio A minus

A day ago, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), made the young star a trending topic as they eagerly wait to see what he will score in the KCSE exams.

Just the other day, Trio said that he is not worried about the grade he will get once the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results are announced.

’’Dimba sijawaikuwa starting team, mbuku sishiki nothing in, but kitu inaitwa mziki mimi ni mwalimu mkuu na marking scheme,” he raps in the 2-minute video.

“Ka topic ni success niko na A kwa school of life, ile KNEC watanipea haitawai determine food ya mine…”

He goes on to rap; “Nyi wote mngekuwa na A mngekuwa ma civil engineer, mnapigania kuget position mtoi wa mkuu anaorganiziwa,” .

Trio Mio's results haven't been released yet and Kenyans have been more than eager to know how the young rapper scored.

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