Nyambaria High School

The 2022 KCSE results have been a topic of discussion with parents, teachers, and different stakeholders trying hard to give an analysis of the results.

Several schools surprised Kenyans with how they performed in the KCSE examinations – some registered too good grades while others were disappointing.

For, example, Nyambaria High school in Kisii County shocked many after their student performed exceptionally well.

A total of 411 students got As in the KCSE exams – and the rest posted grades that gave them direct entry into University.

The school had 28 A plain, 383 A minus, 76 B plus, and one B plain posting a mean grade of 10.8 points, an improvement from last year's 9.3.

The Nyambaria school Principal Charles Onyari said;

“I thank each and every stakeholder including the neighbouring schools because we always share and interact, especially through the exchange program,".

Nyambaria High School

Other notable high performers in the 2022 KCSE include Cardinal Otunga High School in Mosocho, with a mean score of 10.76, Asumbi Girls High School with a score of 10.371, Mang’u High School with a score of 10.36, St Anthony’s Boys High School in Kitale, with a score of 10.33, and Mudasia Academy, with a score of 10.3.

Nyakongo Boys had six A minus, 91 B plus, 82 B plain, and 14 B minus with a mean score of 9.54.

Kebirigo High School had four A minus, 51 B plus, 201 B plain, 24 B minus and 11 C plus.

St Anthony's Kitale garnered 41 A plain, 148 A minus, 170 B plus, 69 B plain, and 9 B minus. The school has a mean score of 10.33 points.

St Pauls's Igonga Dok Secondary school has a mean score of 10.24 points after their student performed as follows; one A (plain), 28 A (minus), 78 B (plus), and 11 B (plain).

At the same time, Education CS Ezekiel Machogu stated there was no cheating, despite the majority of schools reporting unusual mean scores in the KCSE results that were released.