Boutross Munene reveals his silver teeth are worth 160K

The rapper has a full set of silver grills

Boutross reveals his teeth are worth 160k
Image: Instagram

Kenyan rapper and producer Kevin Mwebia Munene popularly known as Boutross Munene just revealed that his silver teeth are worth Sh. 160, 000.

Speaking to Kiss FM's Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel the "Angella" hitmaker claimed that just one of his silver teeth cost a whooping Ksh 5000 and considering he finally has a full set, you can do the math.

The celebrated shrap artist told Obinna that the signature silver teeth were not just a fashion statement but something that he has always wanted to be able to do. He excitedly told the radio presenter that he changed his teeth as soon as he got the money and opportunity. 

"These are grills but we call them slags... and they make me enjoy smiling a lot," Boutross said excitedly as he went on to show off his teeth. 

"It cost a bag.... a big bag, you know one is 5 g so for the entire set that is rent ya mtu Kileleshwa," added the artist as the two burst out laughing. 

Doing the math, if he bought all 32 silver teeth that may have cost him a minimum of Ksh 160,000.

The "Yea Yea" hitmaker went on to fully explain his reasons for the grills.

"You know in my industry, especially in the hip hop genre, drip, and swag are part of the act... plus I love them a lot. But sometimes I do remove them, they are not permanent." Boutross clarified.

Boutross went on to reveal that he first discovered his love for music when he was only 12 years old. That is when he began rhyming and doing freestyles.

 As a child, he participated in talent competitions all across Nairobi, particularly in Highrise Estate, where he spent the majority of his time.

He began professionally began pursuing music in 2013. After years of hustling and intense hard work, Boutross finally got his big break in 2015 when he was exposed to a wider hip-hop audience

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