Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg set to release new music

The two reunited after years and pulled a all-nighter in Snoop's studio

snoop dog and wiz khalifa set to release new music together
Image: Courtesy

Excuse me people but uncle Snoop and Wiz Khalifa just announced that they are dropping new music and I for one I'm beyond excited!

No, but seriously 2023 is the year that keeps on giving and giving and it just started!

The 420 warriors just excitedly announced that after a long night in the studio, they've created magic and can't wait to share the finished product with their fans.

Both rappers took to their socials to post pictures inside Snoop's studio in his compound and in true fashion, a couple of MJs was blazing... I mean it is only natural, as they went ahead to share the news.

Captioning the picture of the two blazing rappers posing in the studio Snoop wrote, "high school reunion coming summer '23 @wiz khalifa."

He then went on to add the mic, fire, and smoke emojis to the post to let their fans know it was about to be lit.

Wiz on his part took to his Instagram to write, "we the new Cheech and Chong #high school reunion #timo" accompanied by several leaf and smoke emojis highlighting their 420 energy.

And that is not all. Their Instagram captions also hinted they were working on a sequel to their 2012 stoner flick "Mac & Devin Go to High School."

The film not only helped jump-start Snoop and Wiz's budding friendship but also birthed their smash hit "Young, Wild & Free" which also featured the talented and gorgeous singer Bruno Mars.

However, there are no official plans for the Mac and Devin project, but in his post, Snoop says something will be dropping in the summer and he explicitly said high school reunion so our speculations might be true.

Wiz actually pulled an all-nighter at Snoop's studio, causing him to shuffle his gym schedule a bit but he appears to be getting back to his regularly scheduled program now that they're done with the new music!!!

"It is 7:30 in the compound, I told you all I was working so we are not in the gym yet... My brother Snoopy allowed me to use his facilities for the evening and I really appreciate that.... I used it for what it's good for," Wiz said in his Instagram stories letting us in on how the studio session had gone.

The rapper is currently finishing up his next solo album, "Wizzlemania" but recently complained about collaborators taking too long sending their verses.

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