I go to strip clubs with my wife- Bien reveals

The Sauti Sol lead singer was highlighting how cool him and his wife are

Chiki Kuruka and Bien, Bien reveals he goes to strip clubs with his wife
Image: Instagram

Four days after a video of a fan twerking on Bien and his wife Chiki angrily chasing her away went viral, the artist has come out to make a very controversial statement.

According to Bien the shawry in the video should find him and come twerk for him when he isn't busy.

He sees no issue with it because in his own words, him and Chiki go to strip clubs together and everyone gets numerous lap dances. A little tmi Bien but okay.

"I go to strip clubs with Chiki tunapewa lap dance sisi wawili na tunaenda home, we are cool like that" Bien shared in a bid to defend his wife-cum-manager and highlight that Chiki wasn't a jealous spouse.

He went on to add:

"Hata huyu dame siku ingine akinione akuje tena, timing ikiwa poa, read the room. Kwani its the first time? I have ever been twerked on?"  Bien posed the question to enraged netizens who faulted the fan and were trolling his wife for chasing her away.

Emphasizing his point Bien asked netizens to allow fans to be fans as he went on to defend his wife highlighting that Chiki was just doing her job as he was about to go on stage.

"Let fans be fans, that's just how fans behave, let fans be fans.

I actually don't think if that chick came and twerked on me and Chiki was there and there was no other activity I was meant to be doing like going on stage, I don't think Chiki would have told her to leave," 

"Chiki did her job very well na mimi nilihandle vipoa, sikuenjoy sana yani nilismile tu nikaangalia nyuma nikasema oh kuna mtu hapo nyuma yangu ok sawa nikasonga mbele" Bien cassually said.

Fans have been commenting that Bien was supposedly taking his time moving away from the twerking fan and so he responded "You wanted me to move away vigorously? 

I don't know how you guys are watching that video, first of all I just wanna start by saying that Chiki is my manager, she is my manages all my musical affair, and for that reason, before I go on stage I need to be in a frame of mind that is unbothered, undeterred.

So huyo dame kuwa hapo at that time, timing ilikuwa off , huyo dame ni fan."

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