Nandy, Willy Paul and Jay Melody
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Fast-rising Tanzanian singer Jay Melody has disclosed that he is the one who wrote Willy Paul’s hit songs 'Njiwa and Hallelujah',.

In an interview with Willy M Tuva, Melody divulged that at the time he was writing the songs he was purely working as a songwriter but had the aspiration to join the music industry as an artist.

“I wrote the song and also came up with the melody. It was a complete song and at that time I was under the Tanzania House of Talent (THT).

“I never connected with Willy Paul one on one, he was just given the song and I was paid. After that people started recognizing me as a songwriter. Thereafter, I wrote several songs like Hallelujah, Njiwa, and Nadia Mukami’s Nitadata among many more. Other songs are yet to be released.

The singer also mentioned that he has written several songs for singer Nandy among them; Nitadata, Kivuruge, Hazipo, and Do me.

He says his first successful song was Kivuruge sung by Nandy but written by him.

Jay Melody

“Kivuruge was the first song I did, and then I did for her Hazipo among others,” he added.

According to Jay Melody, his first encounter with Willy Paul was when he was writing the song Hallelujah for him.

“We only met during the making of the song Hallelujah for the first time. At that time I was not a big artiste so I was doing songwriting for people to get money and record my own songs.

“It was all business,” Jay explained.

The two songs, Njiwa and Hallelujah featuring singer Nandy have so far accumulated over 21 and 13 million views respectively.

Jay Melody is currently in Kenya with a series of shows on his name and he has been ruling the airwaves with songs like- Nakupenda, Nitasema, Acha Wivu, and Sugar among others.

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