Mzungu Mwitu.
Image: Instagram

Elliot Berry popularly known as Mzungu Mwitu or the Reverend Dad has been captivating Kenyans with his witty videos, had an interactive interview with Kalondu Musyimi on Mpasho live on Youtube.

He spoke about how he went through depression and everything that came with it.

The Tik Toker explained that he had been suffering and struggling with high-functioning depression for almost a month.


"I have been struggling from high functioning depression, I did much more than a normal person, stress increased and I  lost almost 7 kilograms in seven days being my lowest moment in a long time. He said.

I could not stand or eat anything for a week since there was so much pressure from running my organization," the popular tik toker added.

Since most people assumed that he was depressed because of love the reverend Tik Toker dad made it clear that it was due to personal stuff and he also added that not every depressed individual is going through love problems or crises.


Being a psychological counselor it was really hard on him because most people could not understand him.

He also added that " You always comes through for anyone going through issues".

Celebrities like Oga Obinna, and some gym instructors came through for him.

About friendships, " I have 2  best friends and friendship is all about love and support," he said.

Apart from that, Mzungu Mwitu has a fashion sense and he said that he has been designing most of his clothes since he was young. "I retired from modeling at 19," he added 

Being a content creator, the Tik Toker revealed that content creation doesn't pay much but he only does it for entertainment purposes. 

"My main purpose is to entertain not to make money but  I'm open to collaborations," he said.

Lastly, his main goal this year is to travel, "I want to explore Kenya," he added.

Watch the video interview below;