KRG the Don and Butita

Kenyan Dancehall artiste KRG the Don and comedian Eddie Butita has joined the bandwagon whistling their way into fame and new opportunities.

For the past few weeks, a lady identified as Priscilla Wa Imani has been making headlines- whistling loudly at various places.

The whistling has made Priscilla Wa Imani an internet sensation – with a section of Netizens trying to imitate her.

Script Writer Eddie Butita jumped on the Trend, trying to whistle his way into State House by soliciting an invite from President William Ruto.

“President William Ruto niitie State House unipee Sh2 million mbili,” Butita says in his video as he struggles to whistle.

However, in a rejoinder, KRG caution the comedian – asking him to refrain from treating the Head of State as his 'wife'.

“Eddie Butita, wakusumbua Rais apana Girlfriend yako, Rais ako busy anashugulikia wakenya wote kwa jumla. Kuja hapa nikufinze ku-whistle na nitakupa hiyo million mbili kwa niaba ya Rais,".

Over the weekend, former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was also calling out Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja – telling him to learn how to whistle properly.

Sakaja hit back advising Joho to learn from him as far as gaining followers in huge numbers is concerned.

The Nairobi County Boss joined TitTok just the other day and so far he has accumulated over 386K followers and over 1.6 million likes.

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