Willy Paul his Baby Mama and their daughter

Musician Willy Paul is out here gushing over his all-grown daughter and can't help but join the conversation.

On Friday, February 17, 2023, the Stima hitmaker shared adorable photos of his baby mama posing with his daughter – accompanied with a lovely message,

In his post, Pozze celebrated the two, gushing over his daughter on how she has grown so fast.

“Well well well- look at my daughter #Sonya all grown wow! Time waits for no one walahi. I love ❤️ these two humans 😊

“God what did I do to deserve all these? Hapa sawa... more music coming your way. ❤️,” Pozze captioned his photos.

Willy Paul officially introduced his two Baby Mamas to the world in February 2021, with a special message to each one of them.

The star expressed gratitude towards his baby mamas, saluting them for giving him two adorable kids.

Willy Paul's Baby Mama and their daughter

Appreciating the mother of his firstborn son Damian Radido Opondo, Pozze wrote; “A very big thank you to mama Damian, thank you for giving me a son King Damian.. this is my son's mother...”.

The Njiwa hit-maker went on to also thank his Mzungu baby mama, with whom they have a daughter together named Sonya.

“A very big thank you to mama SONYA, thank you for giving me a beautiful daughter. This is my daughter's mother. 💘 💘” wrote Willy Paul.

Baby Damian

Pozze first introduced his son to the public after hiding him from the public for over 2 years.

 â€œLet me introduce you to my firstborn. His name is KINGDAMIAN RADIDO OPONDO...say hi to my son.. this the first time I'm posting him.”

“Help me wish my son a happy birthday fam.. he just turned 2yrs ... I love you KING DAMIAN RADIDO OUMA. The best gift that the Lords’s given me so far!!! May you live to be a great and intelligent man... May the Lord that I serve to watch over you for the rest of your days! NAKUPENDA kijana... happy 2nd birthday...” shared Willy Paul.

Willy Paul and his two baby Mamas

Baby Sonya

In January 2021, Pozee penned down a heartfelt message to his daughter Sonya whom he was also introducing to his Insta-family for the first time.

"2021 is already good to me... I can't thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. Always know that daddy loves you so so much baby girl. I'll always be here for you... I'll be your superman... you have won my heart, my love.

May the Lord keep you safe and sound, and take you to places no one's been before. Welcome to my world. Mommy and Daddy LOVEEE YOU TOO MUCH!!! BLACK AND WHITE COMBINATION" wrote Willy Paul.

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