Willy Paul, his Baby Mama and their daughter Sonya

Controversial Kenyan artist Willy Paul is currently the talk of online streets after he shared a cute picture of one of his baby mamas cutely posing next to their daughter.

Yes, guys, Willy Pozzee is a dad, apparently, to not just one but two kids. However, the two are from different ladies. He revealed his children back in February 2021 while displaying Mama Sonya and Mama Damian's beauty.

Following the post, netizens flocked the "ToTo" hitmakers' comment section where a good number of them urged him to mend things with his baby mama and settle down instead of constantly lurking in girls' DM's.

Pozze is notoriously known for hitting on young girls and has been exposed severally with these girls sharing screenshots of their conversation online, a move that does not seem to bother him much.

On the cute pic of his baby mama and his daughter in almost identical grey fits Willy Paul mused over how blessed he was as he revealed the deep love he has for the two.

"Well well well- look at my daughter #Sonya all grown wow! Time waits for no one walahi. I love ❤️ these two humans 😊

God, what did I do to deserve all this? Hapa sawa... more music coming your way. ❤️ 😍" Pozze's caption read.

The post currently has over 10.9 thousand likes and over 220 comments.

While some wondered how Pozze had bagged the gorgeous lady to begin with and others questioned if the kid was really his, the biggere percentage asked him to make nice, apologise no matter whose fault the break up was and get back to raising his kid the proper way.

Below are a couple of comments;

seanbetsy:Na mbona uko huku na Mimi jobless ukiangaika na tudem twa university?? Marry her congratulations bana

nash.carol.75: Kasura ka pozee rangi ya mama😍😍

aysha_bae039: Tatizo ni umekuwa zuena wa kiume😂😂😂😂

mark_matiasi: Achana na utu tudem atuna mbele twa university....sometimes jua you will get old bro

jad_giuseppe_it: You need to settle with this lady ,this is beautiful

zaeinbughass: You got a cute family😍 Punguza usherati sasa😂

What is your take on all this?

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