Jane Mukami and late Brother

Six years ago on 16th February Jane Mukami lost her brother to suicide. In memory of this tragedy, the fitness influencer took a chance to commemorate the loss of her loving brother, Stephen.

"6 years ago, my brother took his life. It was 12 days after his 28th birthday and since then February is always a weird month for me," Jane stated. 

The body transformation coach recalls the time she posted on her socials after being informed that her brother had taken his own life.

"February 16th always takes me back to the very day I got the call.  The pain, anger, and frustration led me to get on social media and vent," she explained.

Mukami describes how she was overwhelmed with emotions, especially ever since she was aware that her brother, an ex-US military member was going through a rough patch.

She and her mother did everything they could to get him help.

She and her family reached out to Cobb County Court System, The Kenyan Embassy in DC, and the US Embassy in Nairobi seeking help because Stephen had cut with the family for a year. 

"I went to the police, showed them old texts, and begged them to help by checking him into rehab or helping me get him back to Kenya, anything to get him out of isolation because he owned three guns," she continued.

Mukami requested four welfare checks and the response she got was that her brother was doing fine and he did not want to speak to her.

However, eight days before he died Stephen agreed to meet with his sister. Mukami thought they were making progress. 

The transformation coach believed that if she could find a way to get him back to Kenya he would still be alive.

She finished off by saying "Keep Resting bro."

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