Zuchu pitted against Willy Paul

Kenyan musician Willy Paul has weighed in after singer Zuchu announced that she is single.

Taking to his Insta-story, Pozze accused Zuchu of clouting chasing to promote her new tune 'Utaniua'. 

"Sasa umepiga kiki zimeisha unaanza kujirudia waaah earth is hard.. story za kawaida izo bans au Zuu amefanya ile kitu? mimi niliacha kiki sai ni mziki mzuri tu my friend," Willy Paul wrote.

On Saturday, Zuchu ignited a heated debate after announcing that she is single. 

A section of her fans declined to believe her post, saying she was clout chasing. 

The Sukari hitmaker even asked fans not to tag her in anything Diamond related.

Willy Paul's post
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She went ahead and deleted all the photos they have ever taken together on Instagram.

"Don’t tag me in his bullshit. I am single for now going forward. Thank you," the Sukari hitmaker revealed.

In a quick rejoinder, Diamond also shared a cryptic message hours after Zuchu announced that she is single.

The singer borrowed Rapper Future's photo to deliver the point home.

"Put your Shawty first and watch her start taking advantage of you," reads the cryptic message from Diamond.

On Valentine's day, Zuchu even received a handwritten love letter from Chibu Dangote and she could not keep calm.

She shared details of the love letter with her fans, confessing how she has deeply fallen in love.

"Happy Valentine's Day dear. Yes, I know you think I'm late, I'm not late because for us every day is Valentine's Day. That's why I didn't want to bring you anything yesterday (February 14) so ​​that you know that yesterday is not just a day, but for us, every day is an important day," Diamond's message read.

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