Minnie Kariuki, Lisa Christoffersen and Eugene Mbugua

Kenya’s renowned creative powerhouse, Eugene Mbugua has opened up on the making of The Real Housewives of Nairobi #RHONairobi and how the cast was selected.

Speaking to Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, Mbugua disclosed that all the cast members who feature in the reality TV show underwent tough scrutiny plus auditions.

What were the criteria for picking the cast members for The Real Housewives of Nairobi?

“We wanted people with bigger-than-life personalities, got to be flamboyant, expressive, have colorful lives and they got to add character to the show and I think we ticked our boxes very well. We are happy with the cast.

“We have got all types of personalities there. People from all kinds of backgrounds who have dedicated themselves to this,”.

Asked how he landed the deal to produce The Real Housewives of Nairobi Mbugua said;

“We have a good reputation in the country for doing reality Television. We started with Young Rich, Sol Family, This Love, Kyallo Kulture, and eve Being Bahati. So when the opportunity came we pitched like everybody else, went in made our case and we are excited we got the deal almost a year ago.

"We have gone up to the South of France, Cape Town and we are happy they trusted us to do this Reality TV show.

During the Interview, Eugene mentioned that he worked with a team of over 70 people to be able to achieve the required quality and standards for the reality show.

The talented producer and director went on to divulge that it was very difficult putting the whole show together but he is very happy with the final product.

Asked to speak on the criticism that trailers and teasers for the reality show got Eugene Mbugua said;

“Kenyans are always quick to hate but it’s also common because Reality TV is meant for hate-watching across the world. It’s supposed to make you feel something.

"We could be worried if nobody reacted. But again Trailers don’t give you much, wait until you watch the actual show where the magic is,”.

He added; This is a very expensive production and we got a lot of Knowledge transfer from South Africa, London…it is easily one of the most expensive productions in this country,”. 

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