Facts you need to know about China Square

China Square, a new wholesale and retail store located at Kenyatta University’s UniCity Mall along Thika Road has been the talk of town for the past few weeks.

The retailer officially began operations in Kenya on January 29, and barely a month into operation; they have been on the lips of almost all Nairobians.

What started as customer experience – shared by a few TikTokers and content creators turned China Square into an internet sensation.

What you need to know about China Square

It’s a Retail and wholesale store

Located at Unicity Mall (Thika Road)

Officially opened on January 29, 2023

Makes Sh10 million on a bad day

Made Sh20M in the 1st 2 weeks

Has branches in 13 countries in Africa

Sources products from China, Turkey, and Kenya

Headed by Mr. Lei Cheng aka Charlie

Attributes its success to TikTok & YouTube reviews

Sales commodities at cheaper & affordable rates

Closed indefinitely on Feb 26 for re-organisation

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