Azziad Nasenya

Actress and radio personality Azziad Nasenya has clapped back at a critic who accused her of using ‘sex appeal’ to market her content online.

The Twitter user identified as Brenda Makena used her account to attack Azziad, with some damning allegations something that did not seat well with the actress.

Makena said that she doesn’t follow Nasenya on her social media because there is nothing she can learn from her.

"The reason why I don’t follow Azziad in any of her socials is that her content is over-sexualized and there’s nothing to learn or any value added from anything she posts. Call me a hater, but it’s the truth. Sex sells," she said.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Azziad fired back advising Makena to stick to her lane and not to be bothered by things she can’t control

“You do you boo. Don't ever let anyone force you to do what you don't like. Stick to your lane and run your race🤗.

Another user interjected, telling Azziad that she doesn’t have to respond to all her critics.

“Sis, you didn't even have to respond, just keep doing your thing. She's probably not the first and not the last,” the user said.

To which Azzaid replied; “I just felt like encouraging her not to compare herself with anyone. People's journeys are different,”.

Recently, Azziad Nasenya has been under heavy criticism following her appointment to the Talanta Hela Committee.

She thanked Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports, and the Arts, Ababu Namwamba for the new job.

"I sincerely thank Honourable @ababuterrah and the entire Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports & the Arts team for nominating me to be part of the Creatives Technical Committee. I am a firm believer in the potential of the creative economy as a fulfilling career and source of income, and beneficiary of the same.

 I, therefore, commit to applying my knowledge and experiences gained in the digital space as a content creator to support the growth of the creative sector and ensure that the vision of Talanta Hela is realized."

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