748 Air Services suspends all domestic commercial flights
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748 Air Services has suspended all domestic commercial flights to focus on Humanitarian Aviation.

In a statement, managing director Moses Mwangi said the change will be effected from March 1.

"We regret to inform you that we have resolved to suspend all our domestic scheduled commercial flights effective March 1, 2023," Mwangi said.

"After extensive review of our business strategy, we have opted to focus on our core business, the Humanitarian Aviation, currently operating in 7 African Countries."

He said 748 Air Services ARS system will remain open up to the June 30, 2023 to allow processing of refunds for all the advanced tickets paid.

Mwangi said that the 748 Air Services started its domestic commercial scheduled operations in May 20, 2021.

He thanked Kenyans for their partnership and cooperation through the years.

Mwangi said that they will continue to connect humanity with every flight by working with partners in support of peace and eradication of hunger in Africa.