Comedian Eric Omondi arrested again with a packet of Unga
Image: courtesy

Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has been arrested again while preparing to distribute free Unga to a section of Nairobians at City Stadium.

The funnyman was arrested while carrying a 2kg packet of Maize flour- ready to actualize his promise of giving Nairobians free Unga.

On Tuesday, Omondi called upon well-wishers to donate Unga towards his initiative of feeding Nairobians struggling to put food on the table.

“This Wednesday we will be at City Stadium giving Free Packets of Unga. We are calling upon well-wishers who would wish to Donate packets of Unga to call or message 0718891427. DO NOT GIVE MONEY, JUST UNGA,” Eric Omondi said. 

More to follow