Gospel DJ Samuel Muraya popular as DJ Mo has publicly announced his side, following a Supreme Court ruling that allowed members of the LGBTQ community freedom of association.

The father of two shared a write-up photo on his Instagram with words written 'Say No To LGBTQ'.

He then captioned the post with the famed Leviticus 20:13 Bible verse.

DJ Mo feels allowing members of the community to freely associate, will not create a safe environment for growing children.

"Let’s stop sugarcoating this thing - haiwezi. I have kids .. najua Society / environment safe kwao to grow in ..and I know what the Bible says..Leviticus 20:13 Mawe zicome.. I will build with them, coz that’s my stand," he wrote.

On Friday, the Apex court ruled that the National Gays and Lesbians Human Rights Commission can be registered as an NGO giving people in the community freedom to associate like the rest of the Kenyans

His post has attracted a mixed reaction.

jane_body_massage_scrubbing: Mr president you said Kenya belongs to God ...what's are we hearing nowadays...we are praying God to deal with who ever is in to this law.

pear.l233: NO in capital letters. We must as a society refuse to glorify evil just because it comes with a few coins. The Bible is clear on the matter and for the sake of our children and generation we must take a stand. No to what will bring the wrath of God upon us.

esther.naserian: I love you and your family Sana.but today I will talk My Heart..we are not here to judge anyone, this are things that comes naturally.

sierra802512: What's the difference between LGBTQ and fornication? We all sin differently. Just saying.

chrisrehema: A religious president and a fully praying wife still allowed this to happen to their future generation. Anyhow Godliness has no short-cuts.

faunahfiona: Even animals dont do it who are we, Say no to lgbtqwee yaaani niko na machungu na hii nchi.