Elsa Majimbo, Chebet Ronoh and Kate actress

Former radio host and Comedian Chebet Ronoh has sparked an endless discussion online after alleging that fellow comedian n Elsa Majimbo and actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress always copy her content.

In tweets and videos that have now gone viral, Chebet alleged that the two have been visiting her page on a daily and making away with her ideas.

The allegations have elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on Twitter, a section agreeing with her while others dismissing her claims as mere pettiness.

Others pointed out that the ‘Cake’ in the content creation industry is too big for everyone to feed on and there is no need for bile and name-calling.

Chebet Ronoh's post

“What i am saying NO RONOH no little pigs I BEGAN THIS SHIT

“@ElsaAngel19  say something I haven’t said 🫢

“Also @kate_Actress_ she stalks my page like she ain’t married

“Lay to sleep the copycats

“They copy everything I do mahn😩🤷🏽‍♀️,” read a couple of tweets from Ronoh.

In 2020, during an interview with Shaffie Weru Elsa Majimbo addressed reports of being compared to Chebet Ronoh.

"I started before Ronoh but she blew before me. And people get that so confused and they act like me being in this space there is no space for her or her being in this space there is no space for me.

"Some people say that Ronoh may be more deserving of what Elsa gets but the fact is…first of all I stun Roho, she has done so many things. She has talked to me and given me some advice because she was bigger before I was… but as always say you can never block God's blessings.

No one can ever put me down…Kwani who are you,"

A section of Kenyan on Twitter joined the conversation;