shares her backsliding journey
Brenda Jons shares her backsliding journey
Image: Instagram

Content creator Brendah Jons has explained how she got herself in the LGBTQ community. The popular actress has since transitioned to serving God.

Speaking in a recent video on her Instagram, Jons shared her testimony of how she found herself dating a woman she had met only once.

She talked about how she got herself into the relationship not because she was in love but because she was heartbroken by a man from the church.

"This story begins in 2020 after I left the church. This was more of a rebound kinda situation and it went on from July and around September, I got myself into the situation and then it went on through to 2021, around February," she explained.

Jons said that she met a popular netizen at an event in September although she had been seeing them on social media.

"Around November, I went for some event and met someone I had been seeing on social media but we had met in person and we meet and they were good vibes and we ended up being friends," she said adding that she would never want to mention their name.

She said when the person called her again in February, they wanted to come and have drinks at her place. At the time, Jons said she was still in a relationship.

"We gonna name them 'Plate' we became friends and hang out that day and the next time I speak to them was in February.

Remember I am in a relationship. They were like where do you live, can we come over with drinks and chill at your place. I had just moved to a new house and I thought welcoming them would be good," she narrated.

shares her backsliding journey
Brenda Jons shares her backsliding journey
Image: Instagram

Jons said that they had drinks and in the course of the night, she found herself having moments with the friend who was in the company of her friend.

"Chicks have moments and you find yourself doing things when you are drunk. This is me saying this since it has happened to me.

But for Christian women, we don't do that. I don't know how I ended up being lovers with someone I had only met once," she said.

Five months ago, she announced to her fans that she no longer identifies as a gay woman. Through a candid conversation on her YouTube channel, her fans noticed that rainbow flags were missing from her Bio.

"Why did you remove the rainbow flags from your bio?" afan asked.

Brenda replied; ‚ÄúThat time of my life was a phase that I had to go through and I went through it and I'm no longer in that phase."