Georgina Njenga blasts trolls about mom shaming

Netizens were shaming the new mom for attending a concert over the weekend

Georgina is opening up about postpartum depression while calling out mom shamers
Tyler Mbaya and his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga Georgina is opening up about postpartum depression while calling out mom shamers
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Georgina Njenga opened up about her battles with postpartum depression as she called out netizens who have made it their daily job to mom shame new/young moms.

Georgina on her Instagram stories went on a rant calling out mom shamers and the detrimental impact they have on new moms.

"First of all asking a mum where she left her baby while she is trying fun is mum shaming!


And you all try to create mum guilt in us. Apart from holding the title mum, we have a lot of other things to offer," an angry Georgina wrote.

This all came about after people criticized her for attending the Shoke Shoke festival leaving home her 10 month old daughter.

She maintained that it was cruel to try and act like one is a bad mom when they try to balance their life.

Adding that during the first 3 months she was a hands on mom and was so scared of getting help as well as leaving the house with the young one.


"My first three months of being a mom I really did overwork myself, I had no nanny because I felt like I would be a lazy mom, I did everything by myself because I was scared of trusting anyone with her," adding that she never stepped out of her gate for almost 3 months. I only got outside when we were going for clinics."

She also pointed out how it is always the mom who gets such absurd questions but no one seems to care what the dad does, if he goes day drinking on a 1 week road trip or whatever.

"And it's all crazy because her dad never gets the same questions when he is out with his friends," Georgina pointed out.

On that topic, she finished off by making it clear that moving forward if anyone asked her such absurd questions again she wouldn't respond to them with grace.

"If you ever ask me such a question in public I'll reciprocate the energy given and if you ask me in my dm I'll block you."

Responding to Georgina's rant, new dad Thee Pluto quipped that he was 100% in agreement with her sentiments.

He also revealed that he gets asked questions whenever he is out which actually angers me.

"Manze this is so true! Juzi nimeingia club fulani Mombasa Road, waitress ako na guts za kuniuliza wapi Fel na mtoto?" Pluto wrote on his Instagram stories.

He revealed that he hadn't been kind with his answer and he doesn't regret it either.

Thee Pluto with his new born daughter last year

Touching on her experience as a new mom Georgina revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression and used to blame her boyfriend ( Tyler Mbaya) for any and everything that happened.

"I lost myself so much I never thought i"d overcome it, I blamed her dad when it was no one's fault.

The moment I allowed myself to receive help everything changed for me, and its crazy that I can be in the house 6/7 days but everyone will try to make me feel bad for going out." Georgina revealed.

She highlighted that her baby is always in safe hands as she is a responsible mom. She also pointed out that she was still in her 20's and trying to enjoy life every opportunity she gets.

"Where did you leave your child? as if I left her kwa barabara or with strangers, of cos I left her somewhere safe with people that I trust," she added.

Georgina finished off by advising all the young moms not to let anyone make them feel bad for being themselves.

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