Nicki Minaj
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During Nicki's Queen Radio show on 3rd March she revealed that she is planning on launching her own Record Label and the artists that will be signed on it.

She is yet to share the company name but he fans are excited already.

The queen herself was first taken under the wing of "Young Money Entertainment", the record label formed by Lil Wayne in 2009.


The following year she released her first album "Pink Friday" that made it to the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

Nicki is now opening doors for others as it was done for her in hopes to be as influential as Wayne was. 

"When I get behind an artist, you all know how I do things for people that's not even signed to me. Imagine what I'll do for the ones that are signed,"  she voiced.

Nana Fofie, Rico Danna, London Hill, Tate Kobang

Who are the four artists she is taking up in her own record label; 

The Ghanaian artist Nana Fofie, commonly know as the "Mashup Queen". One of her hits is the "Peru Mashup" she did back in 2021. 

Nana is a young singer and songwriter from South Holland with the Afro R&B vibe and a voice that could make one dance. 

Tate Kobang is an American rapper that has also been signed to Nicki's label.

The single that he did back in 2015 "Bank Rolls Remix" was the hit that made him go viral.

The South Jamaican artist, Rico Danna comes in third in this list.

The guy has been rapping ever since the age of 15 years, adopting and evolving in every single way. 

His next song is always better than the last, when you thought he couldn't, he did.

His hits are the ones you use when you want to check the capacity of a hoofer, that is how hard he goes.      

Finally, London Hill, not the drink.

Just like Cardi B she is a rapper from the Bronx.

The way her bars flow is what separates her from other female rappers in the game.

Nicki also explained that her label will not only feature rap or black artist, diversity is key and she is looking to do that.

"Don't think my label is just rap or Black or anything, we got some other genres of music."

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