Amira and Jamal
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It is getting messy between Jamal and his ex-wife Amira. She has since unleashed proof that she was indeed pregnant for him in 2020.

The two have been serving their followers with super hot 'tea' on their social media.

It all started when Amira said the father of her two children was the worst person she has ever met.

She said she regrets that he is the father of her children adding that he should never mourn her in case she dies.

Amira further alleged that her ex-husband was violent.

On Monday, March 6, 2023, Amira indicated that she had been pregnant in 2021 with their third baby but 'violent' Jamal beat her in front of their children and extended family until she miscarried the baby.

Jamal vehemently denied those allegations in an exclusive interview with

He said that should have been a police case.

According to Jamal, his ex-wife would have already filed a case over him.

"Amira is a pure liar and if she was pregnant, she would have told the whole world that she was pregnant," he said

Jamal went on to state that as a couple, they had already agreed that she was not going to get another child due to her health condition.

"She has a health condition and that is why she is doing weight-loss surgery. The doctor said she could not get pregnant. I have never dreamt of her getting pregnant," he said.

He said Amira is bitter since he has already moved on with another woman whom he is expecting a baby with.

Jamal also confirmed that indeed he repossessed the house he had bought for Amira alleging that she had turned it into a club.

"Her next man will realize how toxic she is. I have never laid my hands on her and if she has ever been beaten, why is it that she did not take me to court for all that time?

That should have been a big case in fact murder case. Why was she silent? Why is she bringing up those stories right now? It is because I chased her from the house I had bought for her. In Islam, we are supposed to provide for a woman for three after that, we are free and that is the case with me."

Jamal also did another explosive interview with Mungai Eve where he talked a lot of things about his troubled marriage.

Amira has since unleashed receipts showing that she was indeed pregnant in December 2020.

Another medical receipt she shared on her Instagram stories shows that she had gone to the hospital after the miscarriage in January 2021.

Check out the receipts: