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Kristoff is back from the US and he is ready to get back in the game. 

Also known as "Mluhya Wa Busia" has just dropped his brand new hit single "Big Man Party" on today's morning kiss with Kwambox and Obinna.

The guy was one of the best rappers back in the days and he still is.

The rapper explained to his fans why he disappeared for a while.

He felt that the game had changed considering the fact that he is from a different generation.

Mans had to restructure his bars to fit in with the new musical industry.

He took some time off to collect different energies from different places he had been to so as to be able to deliver something new and fresh.

The hit song "Dundaing" by King Kaka featuring Kristoff was initially his before giving it to Kaka.

This is not the only song they did together. 

"We did two songs that same night," Mluhya Wa Busia mentioned.  

One of the other artists Kristoff has a good relationship with is Khaligraph Jones.

They did a lot of songs together, some of which they released and some they did not.

Papa Jones had credited Mluhya Wa Busia as the one who made him.

The two first reached out to one another on Facebook, after they come across each others music on the platform.

They interacted on there through private messages and planned to come up with something.

It was not long before Khali sent "We Be Happening" to Kristoff asking him to put a verse and a chorus on it.

"The song was dope I had to do my thing," he said.

This prompted him to ask for directions to Khali's studio in Umoja, this was the first time they met. 

Mluhya Wa Busia has not quite made a decision to collaborate with other artists but has worked with a few so far.

"I have worked with Exray and Boutross from the new generation." 

Kristoff sees himself as the best lyricists in Kenya.

For the guy, the current music industry is elevating, with more artists on it the rate of employment is reduced and that is a good thing.

On a few questions the rapper was asked, he prefers a Range Rover to a Mercedes Benz.

In a relationship he would rather ghost that say "it is over." 

"When you say it is over it gives the other person a chance to defend themselves,"  he voiced.

The video to his new single is set to drop tomorrow, 4th February, at 11:00 am.

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