Kwambox and Oga Obinna
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Would you share your password with your person?

The number of lines someone draws on their screen when logging into their phone is maaad.

That is what that snake game we used to play when we were younger was preparing us for this.  

In today's society, most people want to leave a little of something to themselves.

As much as that is okay, things could get a little out of hand sometimes.

Morning Kiss was a testimony of how much netizens have trust issues. 

"Kenyans are very untrustworthy," Kwambox said. 

One of the netizens, Maggie, called in on the show to narrate her story and this was an interesting one.

She explained that she would never give her password to anyone, come rain come sunshine.

This one time she shared her password with her cousin and the cousin took her lover's number. 

That is how Maggie ended up single. 

Later on, Kwambox asked Obinna if he has shared his password with anyone.

And that is how we know he is single.

Is sharing your password a trust issue thing or a security issue thing?

Is the reason we do not share our passwords because we have confidential information that we intend to keep that way?

Imagine having a lawyer's or a therapist's password, the amount of information you could have on your hands. 

You could probably say this is a varied reason to not share it.

On the other hand, the things people have seen and gone through could cause them to not share their passwords.

When we see some of you outside here we cannot even tell that a text is what sent you crying. 

But it builds character, doesn't it?

It is okay to not tell your person everything provided it is not for malicious intent.  

In one of Steve Harvey's shows he shared his thoughts on not having to share everything with your partner.

"You cannot tell your mate everything, that's what I think, I think women know certain things you cannot share with your man because you already know who you married to."

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