Sanaipei Tande
Courtesy Sanaipei Tande

Singer and actor Sanaipei Tande shared a little bit more about who she is. 

She started with her character "Nana Tandala" from the show Kina.

She disclosed that she was able to easily fit in with the characters because she resonated with Nana.

"It is really just understanding the story," she mentioned.  

Her character as "Nana Tandala" Is a powerful woman, a boss, and a woman of class who would do anything to win. 

Sanaipei explained how people normally think that she is a quiet person and that the character Nana was a way to explore the other side of her.

The singer and actor is also a rapper. 

"You know I don't rap in public, just at karaoke," she explained. 

This came up after she voiced that someone made fun of her for how she started her songs by singing her name.

The hitmaker of "Jali" does not perform at family functions.

When she puts on a show she gets into this persona and being that her family has known her for a long it might come off a little different.  

"It is easy to sing in front of strangers," voiced Sana.

Her songs are also mostly about relationships, which is not the drama you would want at a family gathering. 

With all the performances she has done, you would think she would be used to it by now.

She still experiences stage fright making MCing one of the things she is not good at.

Her confidence comes from not putting herself in uncomfortable situations.

"I do things that I am comfortable with."  

A few of her favorite artists are Khaligraph Jones and Jua Cali. 

She finds the two to be professional, keen on time, and not taken over by artist hype.

One of the things she struggles with within the current music industry is the younger artists' constant need for hype. 

Sana does believe in love, for her love is sacrifice, compromise, and treating each other with respect. 

In her early days as artist trolling used to get to her but as she grew in the game she started getting used to it  

"Trolling used to get to me when I was fresh in the industry," she said.

This year as she continues to venture into her life journey as an artist and an actor, if opportunities come knocking, best believe she is answering the door.  

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