Huddah shares receipts after netizens doubted her Sh1 million rate card

Huddah had revealed that she charges Sh1 million upwards for club appearances

The socialite has shared a receipt proving she charges 1 million for club appearances
Huddah Monroe. The socialite has shared a receipt proving she charges 1 million for club appearances
Image: Instagram

Socialite turned entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has just shared receipts from her upcoming gig in a bid to prove netizens doubting her that she indeed charges Sh1 million for club appearances.

The socialite made a post highlighting that she would rather stay off the social scene than accept lower-pay hosting gigs, aiming shots at Vera whose charges were lower.

As of last year the last rate card Vera had revealed for her club hosting gigs was Sh600k.

Kenyans however called her bluff with most speculating that the beauty mogul was just over-exaggerating to make herself look like a big deal.

Huddah caught wind of the words doubting Thomas were throwing around and has decided to take to her stories to share receipts showing off money that she's been paid.

She started off by sharing a check that she'd received from Club Gemini reading Sh.999, 500. Captioning the post she wrote, "the best to ever do it!"

Huddah went on to share a video shortly afterward where she bragged about her check all while noting she was going to cash it in instantly.

"When you get paid and now you challenge all of them, is lit!" Huddah captioned the video adding laughing emojis to it. She also added that people can send money to book tables next to hers for her coming event which is this Sunday.

Earlier on the socialite had revealed she can only host a club in Kenya If she is paid Sh1.3 million Kenyan Shillings.

She took to her Instagram account to reveal that the minimum pay she can accept from a club for an appearance is $10, 000 for two hours 

" Y'all remember I said I can only host a club in Kenya if they pay $10000 minimum for two hours? YAZZZZ. Sit back and wait for the location." She shared then captioned, "GET THEM CLOTHES READYY….. it’s about to get lit 🔥……."

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