Vera Sidika secretly welcomes her secondborn (Details)

Vera misdirected fans by posting videos of her gender reveal party days after welcoming her son

Vera Sidika has welcomed her second born child, a boy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite and musician Vera Sidika stunned the nation yesterday with her exquisite white, gold, and earthy undertones gender reveal party.

However, we are just now learning that Vera already gave birth and the videos were a misdirect.

Vera is well-learned when it comes to the act of clout chasing and showbiz, it is practically in her blood and she has proven this time and time again.

Turns out, Vera gave birth a few days ago but hasn't yet announced the arrival of her baby boy with Brown Mauzo because of the reality show she is currently starring in.

You don't believe me? Well, during the screening party of the Real Housewives Of Nairobi for the third episode hosted at Lifestyle Gigiri ( it is hosted every Thursday, ) cast member Lisa Christoffersen accidentally or intentionally let the cat out of the bag.

Asked why the other reality show members did not show up for the screening, Lisa replied by revealing that Sonal was out of the country while the "Popstar" singer had just welcomed her new bundle of joy.

“Vera could have been here, but she just had a baby. Sonal Merali is away in India on family matters.” Lisa candidly replied.

So Vera posting clips of her gender reveal party now after it was recorded for the show clearly highlights that she is a master at misdirection and she will have netizens talking about what she wants when she wants.

A close source near the celebrity couple also revealed that indeed Vera was no longer pregnant and the baby boy had been delivered successfully.

The source highlighted that indeed the socialite was sticking to a script and couldn't announce the birth of her son just yet.

“Vera and Mauzo welcomed their secondborn son recently, like a day ago or two, and have been keeping it a secret.”

Adding, “But since she is maintaining a storyline for the reality show, she has to keep it hush hush until it is shot for TV.”

In true Vera fashion, she had her son in a top Nairobi hospital in the VIP section just like she did with her firstborn daughter, Asia Brown.

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