Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray has splashed over Sh100, 000 on a billboard announcing her gender reveal party in Nairobi.

Amber has been teasing her fans online with a series of posts on her upcoming gender reveal party.

She has invited her close celebrity friends to the party and videos shared online shows them receiving unique invitation cards to the party.

The cards were delivered in what looked like a small baby carrier, something that left Netizens talking.

On Saturday, Amber made it public that she has splashed over Sh100K on a billboard announcing her gender reveal party.

“Wadau, Niko kwa billboard na siombi kura🤣 #amberaychronicles

“Magnate Ventures Limited, you guys understood the assignment yaani you guys are fire when it comes to execution👌👌 thank you,” Amber Ray shared.

To erect a billboard in Kenya, it costs Sh 50,000 to Sh 600,000 per month depending on the size of the billboard, quality of the billboard, and location.

Earlier on, she had warned her critics/haters to be prepared for what was to come as far as her gender reveal party is concerned.

“Masaa ni ya kumeza pressure pills 🥳🥳🥳

“Celebrate every milestone in your life. Notice the blessings in what people call normal so that your life can be full of gratitude. Fired up for tomorrow! Blue and pink, I love you both and I’m excited to know who you have decided to be. #amberthebrand,” she wrote.

Amber said she would give airtime to the first 20 people who would spot and share with her a view of the billboard and she did just that.

It's not certain where the billboard has been placed in the city.

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