DJ Fatxo and Jeff Mwathi

Mugithi singer DJ Fatxo has for the first time shed more light on his friendship with the late Jeff Mwathi who allegedly died at his house.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, March 12, 2023, Fatxo confirmed that he had known Jeff for close to two years.

He went on to mention that he is the one who initiated the move of going to the police station to report that Jeff Mwathi was missing.

Fatxo also sought to clarify that he was willing to cooperate with Jeff's Family in giving their loved one a proper sendoff.

He retaliated that just like any other Kenyan he also wants to know what happened to his friend Jeff Mwathi.

“Later coming back after a few hours, finding that Jeff is not in the house and the others are there.

"I am the one who actually went to the police station to report that Jeff is missing.

"There is also this issue that is going on that I didn’t mourn the demise of Jeff. I reached out. I am the one who even told the family that Jeff is no more.

"I actually contacted them and told them I could have supported them they bury their son and we come together.

"It was something that pains me also. So I reached an extent where I was not getting a response. I told my mother can you please call one of the family members and request them to agree and work with us,". 

He continued;

"This is something new to me. There is no way I can lose a friend and fail to mourn them.

"Maybe Jeff’s mother was not told, maybe she was not told I want us to meet but what I want to say is that we reached out.

DJ Fatxo went on to state that he is willing to cooperate with detectives who are investigating the matter.

“I’m so willing to cooperate with detectives, DCI, and everyone involved. I’m ready to corporate until we all know what happened to Jeff,’

In a message to Kenyans, Fatxo said;

"And for Kenyans and my fans keep on praying for me, this thing is so hard but we will emerge victorious. The singer also disclosed that he had known Jeff for close to two years.

“I have known Jeff for two years. He used to sell shoes to me and I have bought so many pairs of shoes from him since 2021.

When I used to go to his shop he could tell me, the way you see this interior it's me who made this. So I always knew that if I want to set up something of the sort, Jeff could have done it for me,”.

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