Megan Stallion personally asked Beyonce for 'Renaissance' tickets

The rapper maintained there was no shame in the game and that's why she asked for the tickets

Megan reveals she personally asked Beyonce for her concert tickets
Megan Thee Stallion Megan reveals she personally asked Beyonce for her concert tickets
Image: BBC

Grammy Award winning American rapper Megan Thee Stallion had the internet in stitches after she revealed that she had no shame and had directly texted the queen herself, Beyonce, asking for Renaissance tour tickets.

Megan noted she was not about to hustle queuing online trying to cope with the highly anticipated concert tickets when she had "auntie" Bey's direct number, so she called asking for the favour of all favours.

Plus hey, she saves a lot of coins! Have you seen the price on those things? Especially the VIP tickets.


Billboard says you'll need around $300 just to get a "decent" seat!!! That is a whooping Sh. 40, 000 just for a ticket and you haven't factored in transport, meals, drinks and all that.

I mean our very own Anita Nderu was contemplating home schooling her baby for the first year so that she could get the Renaissance tickets.

Anita is even better, have you seen the fans starting GoFund me campaigns?

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A gushing Megan made the revelation during her first public appearance since October last year at Vanity Fair Oscars after party that she actually phoned Beyoncé directly for access to the hot-ticketed event but didn't want to reveal why she was actually going to the show.


She later quipped how Beyoncé was her "auntie" and looked forward to seeing her later at the megastars after-party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

The two black queens may not be blood related but they both hail from Houston and the stars won Grammy gold together back in 2020 with their hot collabo "Savage" and to top it off Meg is a key component of Jay-Z's Roc Nation music arm.

Before Vanity Fair, Meg's last public appearance was in October of last year, when she served as the host of Saturday Night Live. Since then she’s been keeping a low profile especially with the draining Tory Lanez shooting trial, but now she appears to be back, bigger and better!

She is actually set to headline the AT&T Block Party as part of the NCAA March Madness Music Festival on the 31st of this month.

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