Alinur Mohamed and Kevin Mboya

City Politician Alinur Mohmed has finally honoured his promise to Kevin Mboya months after he went viral with his surprise to his girlfriend in Kwale.

In a tweet, Mboya confirmed that Alinur had given him the Sh700, 000 promised him plus a free trip to Dubai during the Easter Holiday.

“Finally I met Alinur today in his office and he honoured his promise through the Alinur Foundation. I will also be going to Dubai during the Easter Holiday,  courtesy of Hon. Alinur Mohamed and his foundation. I am so grateful @AlinurMohamed_ Indeed 2023 ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa,” Kevin Mboya wrote.

The fulfillment of the promise comes hours after Mboya took to social media to lament that he was yet to receive anything from Alinur.

"It is one month, two weeks, and two days now since Hon. Alinur made this promise. He still hasn't respected it.

“Everywhere I go people think I have money because they believe I have KSH. 700K. Every day I am invited to Harambee. My friends and family call me every day to participate!” Mboya cried.

In January, Mboya went viral over claims that he travelled to Kwale from Nairobi to surprise his girlfriend but ended up surprising himself.

Mboya disclosed that upon reaching Kwale, his girlfriend became unresponsive and until now he is yet to hear from her.

Mboya narrated that he showed up at her workplace and was assured by the receptionist that he will be able to see the love of his life but that never happened.

Following the unresponsive nature of his girlfriend, Mboya started blaming himself for travelling to Kwale uninvited.

Many people sympathized with him with politician Alinur Mohamed promising to give him Sh700, 000 and a free trip to Dubai.

"I predicted things will not go well for that Kid Kevin Mboya and after watching his video on his social accounts, I have confirmed my fears. Anyway, yaliyopita si ndwele. I am looking for him. I am going to pay for his one-week vacation in Dubai and give him KSH. 700k for his use," Alinur wrote at that particular time.

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