Rachel Mbuki and hubby

US-based Kenyan model and TV host Rachel Mbuki has announced the end of her marriage with Mzungu hubby Litvishkova.

In a statement shared on her Instagram, Mbuki expressed regret for the decision and acknowledged that the end of a marriage is a challenging time.

"It is with much regret that I announce that my husband and I have come to the tough decision to end our marriage. We are currently separated, and I am filing for divorce," Mbuki shared.

However, Mbuki did not disclose the main reason as to why she was divorcing her husband.

She went on to admit that marriage is not easy and appealed for privacy as she navigates through the divorce process.

"Marriage can be tough, and this is the part where people usually ask for privacy, but I would like to ask for your kindness and consideration while we work through this tough time," she narrated.

Mbuki also thanked her close friends and family for their support and acknowledged that the announcement came as a shock to them.

"I know this comes as a shock to you all because you were too invested in us as well, but I hope we can continue to count on your love and support as we transition to this new phase," she wrote.

The divorce comes months after Mbuki was surprised with Sh10 million Porsche Cayenne.

"My hubby did a thing today 😃. He surprised me with a 2023 Platinum Edition Porsche Cayenne! Thank you to the best hubby a girl could ever wish for. I love you so much!!!!" she wrote.

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