I'm scared-Anita Nderu cries as she reveals she's going back to school

The media personality revealed she was just trying her luck and was't really certain she'd get in

Anita Nderu reveals she's going back to school
Image: Instagram

Media personality and social media and brand influencer Anita Nderu is going back to school! 

The dashing fashion icon made the revelation through her Instagram stories as she shared she was a little skeptical of the whole move.

"So guys... I think I got myself back in school fully paid... and I'm actually scared of doing this insta story in case they see it and they realize they said yes then they are like oooh it was you? no." Started off the mother one before letting out a nervous chuckle as she had a mini freaking out moment.

On why she was having a mini panic attack in regard to going back to school Anita revealed that she had not had a good start and had been getting a lot of no's especially when it comes to things she really wanted and that s where her skepticism was coming from.

"Quick back story as to this whole negative connotation that I have... I'm very positive about it and I know the year is going to get better but bear with me for the story...

The whole first quarter of the year, the answer to literally everything I wanted to do work or school-related was no, even stuff I was volunteering for it was a no and I was like you didn't even have to pay me," Anita cried.

She went on to add, "so based on that when I applied to study software engineering I was sure it was also going to be a no but I was just trying my luck but then they said yes, and now I am here confused and like yaay, those are going to be 70 hours of studying per week."

Personally, I get you mama Peanut, I really do.

Anita finished off by divulging what pushed her to go back to school and why she chose software engineering.

"If you have been following me for the last 5 years then you know how passionate I am about social impact projects, especially projects where women and youth empowerment are involved and digital learning and the environment as well.

Thus why I wanted to use the influence that I have and my passion to meet my education so that I can speak from a knowledgeable standpoint.

I wanted to go back to school on a scholarship because I am still paying student loans and I don't want to get into any more debt. So I got I and I'm super excited and still a little confused. I'm not amused by the workload but I know I'm going to ace it.

So guys I just wanted to share the good news with you and remind you even if you don't know where that yes is going to come from just keep on trying, it will come, eventually. "Finished off Anita.

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