Foreign affairs CS Alfred Mutua
Foreign affairs CS Alfred Mutua
Image: Wilfred Nyangaresi

Kenyans on Twitter are calling out Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua for selling them a lie after the government announced that Kenyans will enjoy a free visa travel to the Caribbean country Bahamas beginning in May.

CS Alfred Mutua disclosed this after holding a bilateral talk with his counterpart Fred Mitchell on the sidelines of the ongoing Commonwealth meeting in the UK.

“It will increase and encourage trade and commercial relations between the two countries,” Mutua said in a statement.

The CS said he also appealed to the minister to consider recruiting Kenyans in the Bahamian seafarer sectors and related service industries, and the healthcare system.

The two leaders also agreed to work together to ensure peace in Haiti.

“We agreed on the need for concerted peace efforts in Haiti, the eventual stability and prosperity of Haiti would not only be beneficial to her neighbors and the region but would also be good for global peace and security,” he added.

However, Kenyans claim that the CS is lying as Kenyans have never required a visa for the Caribbean country to begin with.

Below are a few comments from KOT:

@Wamathai: Kenyans have never needed a visa to t.

@ssojo81replying to @Wamathai I thought so too. Coz Uganda is in the same pot as those English-speaking Caribbean nations.

@afroguest·: Its Alfred Mutua…what did Kenyans expect really? Remember his promise of a formula one track?

@Jeffary17 No one even thought to fact-check it yawa

@am_africanaw·: literally old news. They're trying so hard to act like this government is doing exceptional work.

@DrEvansRichard: Even I was wondering.... rumors in Kenya Kwanza Government will run out soon..... You don't need a visa to the Bahamas from Kenya

Kenyans on Twitter feel as if the government is trying to pull a fast one on them as Kenyan passport holders currently enjoy visa-free travel to about 74 countries and they are certain Bahamas is among the countries on the list.

Some however argued that the government was actually working and the Bahamas was previously a visa-on-arrival country and not visa-free which is what might have confused people.

What are your thoughts on this?

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