Asaf Khan and Maxine Wahome

The family of the late Asad Khan has now asked the court not to release Maxine Wahome on bail pending trial.

In a pre-bail report filed in court, the late Khan’s brother Adil Khan has told the court that the two families are now worst enemies.

Adil expressed the pain they have endured as a family due to the death of his brother.

“Everything happened so fast. One moment the two families are all happy and celebrating in a rally and the next they are worst of enemies,” the report reads.

It was also established that Maxine and Asad's families are well known to each other, their convergence having been motorsport.

“They were aware of the love relationship between the accused and deceased,” the report reads.

According to the report, Maxine had been in a relationship with the deceased for three years and had been staying together at the deceased’s rented apartment at Oloitokitok road in Kileleshwa for one year and six months.

They were both in motorsport and spent much of their time in rallying events or preparing for the next rally event

The late Asad was married and divorced with two adult children who live in Bahrein and they maintained less contact as the divorce happened many years back when the children were very young.

“The children only sent a message of condolence and have never been in touch since."

Adil has also denied claims by Maxine that he was taking her sponsorship money alongside his late brother.

The court will deliver bail ruling on Wednesday.